The Benefits of Gas Springs: What You Should Know

Gas springs have emerged as a popular choice for replacing traditional coil-based springs. Also referred to as pneumatic springs, gas springs consist of a cylinder filled with gas and a piston connected to one end. By default, the piston is extended. However, when subjected to a compressive force, the piston retracts into the cylinder, pressurizing the gas. This pressurized gas then exerts an outward force, effectively pushing the piston against the object compressing it. So, what exactly are the benefits that gas springs offer?

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Low Maintenance Gas Springs

One of the significant advantages of gas springs is their low maintenance requirements. While gas springs still have multiple components, such as the piston, seals, and attachments, these parts are enclosed within the cylinder. As a result, maintaining gas springs becomes a breeze. You don’t have to worry about cleaning or lubricating the parts. With their self-enclosed design, gas springs are incredibly easy to maintain.

The Long-Lasting Nature of Gas Springs

Gas springs are renowned for their durability. In fact, they tend to outlast other types of springs. Traditional springs rely on purely mechanical mechanisms and are made up of coiled metal. These springs, whether extension or compression springs, can wear down over time, losing their energy-storing capabilities. Gas springs, on the other hand, feature a gas-filled cylinder that protects them from premature wear and tear. Consequently, gas springs have a longer lifespan, making them a reliable choice.

Locking Options with Gas Springs

While not all gas springs offer this feature, many of them can be locked in place. There are both locking and non-locking gas springs available in the market. Locking gas springs provide the option to secure them in a particular position, preventing any movement. On the other hand, non-locking gas springs lack this functionality. However, the availability of both types gives you the freedom to choose the one that suits your specific needs. This versatility is another reason why gas springs are worth considering over traditional springs.

Ergonomics of Gas Springs

Another significant benefit of gas springs is their ergonomic design. Gas springs offer a smooth action when subjected to a compressive force. The piston effortlessly retracts into the cylinder, providing a seamless and comfortable experience. Due to their ergonomic properties, gas springs are commonly used in various applications, including office chairs and other furniture. So, if you prioritize comfort and ease of use, gas springs are an ideal choice.

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