Hydraulic Damper

Gas springs provide lifting force at reduced speed, while hydraulic dampers focus on speed reduction without additional force. These components, also known as shocks, struts, lifts, or pistons, play a crucial role in various applications. Dampers, functioning as buffers, ensure speed and motion control by employing hydraulic oil damping in extension, compression, or both directions, with or without the support of nitrogen gas pressure. The significant feature of dampers lies in the alteration of gas spring force in response to changes in travel speed.

An essential aspect of damper design revolves around compensating for the shaft volume as it is pushed inside the tube. Unlike gas springs that compress gas, dampers utilize non-compressible oil. This requirement categorizes all dampers into two broad types: Cavitating dampers and Non-Cavitating dampers.

Hydraulic dampers find extensive use in lids, doors, covers, furniture, hospital bed side rail systems, ATM maintenance covers, electronic gaming machines, and other applications where controlled, slow movement is essential.

Size Range

gas springs
  Gas spring size Rod  Diameter 
Cylinder Diameter (mm)Stroke Length
Min/Max (mm)
          6*15            6         15       25-260       30-400
           8*18            8         18       50-400       100-800
          10*22           10         22       50-450       150-1200
          12*26           12         26      100-500       400-1800
         14*28          14         28      100-500      800-2100

Main Features & Benefits Of Our Dampers

· Life cycle rating of 25,000 to 50,000 cycles
· Force range: 10 – 2,400N
· Stroke range: 25 – 500mm
· Rod and tube diameters: 4/12, 6/15, 8/18, 10/22, 12/28, 14/28
· Salt spray testing for up to 144 hours
· Operational within a temperature range of -30 to 80°C
· Constructed with either steel or 304/316 stainless steel
· Offers slow, regular, or fast extension speeds
· Provides options for light, regular, or heavy damping
· Commitment to choosing environmentally friendly materials
· Custom-designed and sized for each specific application
· Diverse selection of sizes, force variants, and end fittings
· Compact design facilitates installation in confined spaces
· Maintenance-free operation, even under high loads, ensuring a long service life
· High-quality products manufactured in compliance with international standards

Will it meet my specific needs?

While our hydraulic dampers are crafted to address a diverse range of application needs, we understand the importance of tailored solutions and extend the option of supplying our products in lengths and force settings specified by the customer. Consequently, we offer a customized service dedicated to delivering bespoke hydraulic damper solutions that align with your distinct requirements.

Our team of seasoned engineers collaborates closely with you to comprehend the intricacies of your application and propose the optimal solution tailored to your needs. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in the presence of design engineers ready to assist you in ensuring that the hydraulic dampers precisely match your specifications.

Acknowledging the uniqueness of each application, we strive to provide engineered solutions that cater to your exact requirements. Should you require assistance in specifying your hydraulic damper or product, our dedicated customer support team is readily available for guidance. You can contact us via email, and upon receiving your inquiry, we will promptly respond to initiate discussions regarding your specific needs and preferences.

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