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Stainless Steel Gas Springs

Manufactured in 316L grade stainless steel, these gas springs have been subjected to more than 1,000 hours of salt spray testing. They are made with a specially‐prepared chrome‐plated rod surface finish for additional hardness. These products are corrosion‐resistant, providing reassurance of durability and an improved lifecycle of each product.

Designed to lift heavy weights effortlessly and safely, they are found on vehicles, machine guards, access panels, lockers and lids. But there is an almost limitless number of applications this range can be used on.

Size Range

gas springs
Gas spring size Rod  Diameter 
Cylinder Diameter (mm)Stroke Length
Min/Max (mm)
          6*15           6         15       25-260       30-400
          8*18           8         18       50-400       100-800
         10*22           10         22       50-450       150-1200
        12*26           12         26       100-500       400-1800
        14*28          14         28       100-500       800-2100


  1. Automotive Hood: Stainless steel gas springs are commonly used to assist in lifting and holding up the automotive hood, providing easy access to the engine compartment.

  2. Marine Applications: They can be employed in marine settings for hatches, lids, and doors, offering corrosion resistance in saltwater environments.

  3. Medical Equipment: Stainless steel gas springs find application in medical equipment, such as adjustable hospital beds or patient chairs, ensuring durability and hygiene.

  4. Outdoor Furniture: Gas springs made of stainless steel are suitable for outdoor furniture, like adjustable recliners or tables, providing resistance against weather-related corrosion.

  5. Aircraft Cabinetry: In the aviation industry, stainless steel gas springs are used in cabinetry and storage compartments due to their strength and resistance to harsh conditions.

  6. Industrial Machinery: Stainless steel gas springs are employed in various industrial machines for tasks like lifting access panels, providing reliable support in demanding environments.

  7. Food Processing Equipment: In food manufacturing, stainless steel gas springs are utilized for lifting and positioning components in machinery due to their corrosion resistance and cleanliness.

  8. Gym Equipment: Adjustable features on gym equipment, such as weight machines or benches, often incorporate stainless steel gas springs for smooth and durable operation.

  9. Laboratory Equipment: Stainless steel gas springs are suitable for laboratory settings, where resistance to corrosion and easy cleaning are essential, for tasks like adjusting equipment height.

  10. Commercial Kitchen Appliances: Stainless steel gas springs can be found in commercial kitchens, supporting features like flip-up countertops or doors on kitchen equipment, where resistance to corrosion is crucial.

Main Features & Benefits Of Stainless Steel Gas Spring

· Force Range: 50 – 5000N
· Stroke Range: 20 – 1,000mm
· All our stainless steel struts and springs are meticulously crafted from 304L/316L stainless steel.
· Engineered and constructed to meet the most stringent gas spring manufacturing standards.
· Offers a diverse range of sizes, force variants, and end fittings to cater to varied needs.
· Boasts a design that ensures a high life cycle, promoting longevity and reliability.
· Demonstrates low electrolytic capacity for enhanced safety and efficiency.
· Compact design facilitates installation in even the most confined spaces.
· Maintenance-free operation, even under high loads, ensuring continuous functionality.
· Our high-quality products adhere to CE, SGS, and the international standard ISO/TS, ensuring compliance with global quality benchmarks.
· Exhibits a low magnetic signature, making it suitable for applications where magnetic interference is a concern.
· Ideal for deployment in marine, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, medical, and food industry applications.
· Tailored and sized to perfection for each specific application, offering customized solutions to meet diverse requirements.

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