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Stainless Steel Gas Springs

Manufactured in 316L grade stainless steel, these gas springs have been subjected to more than 1,000 hours of salt spray testing. They are made with a specially‐prepared chrome‐plated rod surface finish for additional hardness. These products are corrosion‐resistant, providing reassurance of durability and an improved lifecycle of each product.

Designed to lift heavy weights effortlessly and safely, they are found on vehicles, machine guards, access panels, lockers and lids. But there is an almost limitless number of applications this range can be used on.

Size Range

Gas spring size Rod  Diameter 
Cylinder Diameter (mm)Stroke Length
Min/Max (mm)
          6*15           6         15       25-260       30-400
          8*18           8         18       50-400       100-800
         10*22           10         22       50-450       150-1200
        12*26           12         26       100-500       400-1800
        14*28          14         28       100-500       800-2100

Benefits of Stainless Steel Gas Springs

Made from high grade 316L stainless steel      

Enhanced durability and corrosion resistance      

1,000 hours salt spray tested                                     

316L stainless steel rod and tube                         

Suitable for use in marine, food, healthcare and pharmaceutical applications                   

Non-magnetic / medically safe options           

Available with food safe oils                                     

Fully customization   

Fixed and variable force options                


Fully self-contained unit                                           

Sized to your application      

Available in carbon steel/304 stainless steel

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