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Locking Gas Springs

Our range of locking gas springs perform like conventional gas springs, with the addition of a special internal locking valve that allows the strut to be stopped in any position. Common applications for our locking gas springs include height and angle adjustment of seats on aircraft, buses, trains, specialist vehicles and on military vehicle seating.

Size Range

Gas spring size   Rod  Diameter 
Cylinder Diameter (mm) Stroke Length
Min/Max (mm)
         10*22            10            22        50-450        100-1300
         10*26            10            26        100-500        100-1300
         10*28            10            28        100-500        100-1300

Benefits of Locking Gas Spring

Locks in any position along the length of stroke
Single-handed operation
Safe to use with easy positional control
Self-contained unit and maintenance-free
Available in carbon or 316L stainless steel

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